Mission & Values


BSi exists for Restoring Value by bringing hope & healing globally through addressing injustice issues while empowering and training leaders.


With experience & initiatives in 50 countries throughout 25 years, we are fulfilling the vision of Restoring Value to Life & Leadership via:

1. Building Bridges
As our name ‘BridgeStones Int’l’ suggests, we have been said by many to have a strength in building bridges primarily in Developing World with:

a. People
b. Churches / Organizations
c. Businesses
d. Leaders

2. Leadership

a. Focusing on Training & Empowering Primarily Indigenous Workers
b. Restoring Value to Life & Leadership Seminars
c. Book published: Where There Is No Leader, TAG-You’re It!

3. Children to Impact as Emerging Leaders

a. Sponsorship
b. School Projects [Creating Model Schools and Children’s home combo]
c. Bless a Child (Christmas Initiative with gift bag full of essentials)


value |ˈvalyo͞o|

the regard that something (someone) is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or preciousness of something {someone):

Important and enduring beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good and desirable and what is not. Values exert major influence on the behavior of an individual, serving as a broad guideline in all situations.

Premise: If God is incredibly valuable beyond our comprehension, then what He creates has [innate] value. Therefore, how ought [and must I] take care of what He has created [Creation, Land, Humanity, Woman, Child—Girl Child, Animals etc]? Our faith and belief in Jesus must affect every part of our being in our ‘SPEMF’ areas (Spiritual/Physical/Emotional/Mental/Financial). Much of the world has a belief system that is dichotomized whereby the Spiritual World has value, but not the Physical World. And this is evidenced by what we see in our world around us. The masses live with poor stewardship of resources or dwellings, and no [or limited] value for creation and humanity.

What is it that we do?

Restoring Value to life

-Being Proactive Ambassadors for the Marginalized, Poor & Needy.

“Standing and speaking on behalf of those who cannot stand speak for themselves, for the rights of all those who are destitute.” -Proverbs 31.8

Restoring Value to Life & Leadership, Ministry & Marriage Concept


Because the lasting impact & transformation in families, communities, governments, and churches, BSi has been holding these dynamic & revolutionary seminars throughout many countries over the years from Military in Sierra Leone, to schools/universities in China, to businesses in India, to training schools in Central America.

Books, Curriculums, and Training Packages are presently under development.

Please see 10 page Outline on www.BridgeStones.com


– Restoring Value to Leadership [Development of Leadership]

We understand its necessary for character to go before career, and leadership is not automatic, but developed. And there are great needs in our world for leadership that does not take advantage of the weak, and their position, but takes leadership with great soberness, responsibility, humility and [true] serving spirited. (How I am treating people is how I am treating God, as He created us-in His image). The principles are universal, whether addressing the Christian, Corporate, or Communities.

We offer leadership seminars to organizations, universities, schools, businesses and governments. We look to build bridges and forge partnerships.