“Our friend of nearly two decades, Jon Syrbe pursues God and his people with exceptional courage, passion, and love. BridgeStones International is the wineskin from which Jon pours new wine. It’s an honor to commend and celebrate with Jon. He’s an example to all of us, and certainly Belinda and me.”

Stephan Bauman

President & CEO I World Relief


“The sacrificial spirit that decorated the early church has a new model. Jon Syrbe and the Ministry of BridgeStones International. It may be 1800 years later, but for myself and the body of Christ, they show how to carry the big stick of service and a welcomed whisper of love. I count myself his friend and co-laborer as well as a beneficiary to the love of Christ they model at BridgeStones International.”

Scott Caesar

Founder, Men’s Discipleship Network




“A lot of people are talking about their search for authenticity today.  Long before it became a buzzword, Jonny Syrbe was modeling authenticity; not as a strategy, but as an overflow of relationship with Jesus and others.  Integrity can be described as “a life lived in harmony with stated values.”  It is when the words of the mouth and the works of the hands are in alignment.

Jonny is a man of authentic integrity whose life resonates genuine care and compassion. These attributes result in favor, providing entrée into the lives of people and places around the world—and affording him the opportunity to display the reality of a life lived in proper relationship with the Father.”

Jack Minton

Co-Founder/President, Hope Force International


“I have known Jonathan Syrbe since returning to the States from thirty-five years of foreign missions work.  It always releases joy in my heart when I meet people with a like passion for the work of missions, wherever that work is in the world and whatever form it may take.  Jon is one of those persons to me.  I love listening to his desire when he speaks of taking the Gospel of Jesus taken everywhere. I love sensing his compassion for people who are in great needs, coupled with the strong desire to see those needs met physically and spiritually. I love seeing his talents displayed as he presents these needs through photography.  Thank you, John, for sharing your heart.”

Rich Collingridge, Pastor of Missions & Evangelism

Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle


“I have known Jon Syrbe for a number of years, since the ’80s in fact, when he was a young single man serving aboard the ANASTASIS ship with YWAM Mercy Ships. One thing I always remember is that the room would always light up when he was around! His infectious smile and enthusiastic zest for life comes across as much as his love for Jesus and desire to serve Him. His fellowship and love for Jesus was often an encouragement to those of us on the front lines, alongside of whom he came ready to support and serve with each visit of the ship to our nation.

Jon has served the Lord for nearly a quarter century now in 50 nations and the Lord has blessed him with a wonderful wife and young family. I am thrilled that he has launched the Ministry of BridgeStones Int’l and to know that he is continuing to sow into the lives of many, many people round the globe.”

Go, Jonny, go! God bless you.

Love and best wishes from

Bryan Thompson

Story Director for Europe


“I’ve known Jon Syrbe for more than two decades.  He has always been a man of integrity and character, with a healthy dose of visionary added to the mix.  Mercy Ships was honored and privileged to have Jon serve with us for seven years before his founding of BridgeStones International.”

Don Stephens

President/Founder, Mercy Ships


“Hi. my name is Dorothy Ann Puzo. I am a director in the Directors Guild of America (DGA), and I have also been Jon’s neighbor for the past 8 years. Over that time, I have become friends with Jon and his family, and, have come to understand his passion for his family, his friends, and his work. Jon has a big heart for people in our world who need to know there is hope for a way out of their oppressive, marginalized situations.

Jon is a voice for the voiceless princes and princesses of the world who appear to most of us as merely frogs. What he lives at home he lives in the world. And for this and more I support him. And for this and more he deserves your support.

Matthew 22 verses 37 to 40 says; ” ‘love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first on any list. But there is a second to set alongside it: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ These two commands are pegs; everything in God’s Law and the Prophets hangs from them.” (MSG) This is the heart and soul of BridgeStones International.

Twenty-six years ago at 19 when Jon first heard the calling, he reflected on how his previous behavior of depravity affected not only himself, but others. Behavior like cursing, starting to drink when he was 12, and even before that, stealing.   Now, when Jon goes to places like China, giving seminars on restoring value to life, he distributes gifts.  Simple gifts like towels, clothing, hygienic items of toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. in order to demonstrate how to turn belief into action.  Going from greedy to giving. For The proper use of knowledge is action.

BridgeStones International does not talk about change, it help make it happen. For these reasons and more, I give my support to Jon and BridgeStones and ask you to give yours. We need to keep Jon going. He is a star that lights the way, and BridgeStones International is his vehicle.”

Sincerely yours,

Dorothy Ann Puzo

Director (DGA)

(daughter of the “Godfather”, Author Mario Puzo)


“I’ve known Jon Syrbe since 2001 and seen how he has been so faithful to the call & the mission that God has given him. With His vast experience, of traveling internationally for 23 years, it’s amazing to see how he was able to knit regional culture with Kingdom Culture into restoring value to life & leadership. His heart for the poor & needy has been evident from the every beginning and he has not lost his focus to the call that God has called him, in spite of his travels & vast experiences. It’s beautiful to see how he has used his personal testimony of over-coming physical challenges to sharing with the present world how they can overcome their challenges.”

Dr. Benny Prasad

YWAM – World Record – Fastest to Travel to Every Nation


“Jon Syrbe is one of those unique ministers of the Gospel whose very life expresses the love, grace and reality of the Living God. Jon’s personal story is one of transformation–both physical and spiritual–that speaks deeply of God’s goodness, and of the extraordinary calling on his life. God is using Jon in powerful ways to spread the Good News to the uttermost parts, as he guides others toward the transformation only Jesus can provide.”

Joseph Anfuso

Founder and President, Forward Edge International


“I have known Jon Syrbe for 20 years; I have had the opportunity to observe the development of BridgeStones International as a ministry and Jon as a ministry leader.

Jon has a tremendous degree of passion for those that are broken and bruised in society. He is an expert at networking of leaders.

Jon’s life message on Restoring Value to Life continues to have an impact on every segment of society. The training received through Restoring Value to Life has the ability to transform governments, businesses, churches and families in significant ways.”

Tom Nolan

President, Growth Mission


“I’ve know Jon for over 20 years now. He is a man of great vision and passion. His commitment to the poor and needy is not simply a job or an assignment, it’s a calling upon his life, and he takes it seriously. It comes from his commitment to love God and others with all of his heart. Jon Syrbe is the real deal.”

Peter Warren

YWAM Southwest USA Regional Director


“Jon Syrbe is on the most committed and dedicated servants of the Lord to the people of India I have ever met. We met several years ago during a mission trip in India and have become brothers in the spirit ever since. I have personally watched him dedicate his life and his families future to the betterment of the lives of people, especially children in the land of India. If you are just meeting him or have known him for years, you will immediately recognize his passion for souls and the divine favor through which he has been able to accomplish so much with so little. Please do not hesitate in partnering with him to fulfill his calling to changing lives in India forever.”

Humbly submitted…

Nathan R. Byrd, Apostle

Jesus Makes the Difference Ministries, Inc.


“Jon Syrbe has traveled the world bringing the gospel of grace for over twenty-five years to fifty nations.  He serves as the Regeneration Church Mission’s Pastor, and Founder of BridgeStones International.

Jon has lived and served many of the world’s forgotten with a passion of “Restoring Value to Life & Leadership.”  He is an international speaker, Bible & Leadership trainer.

His ministry, BridgeStones International, is devoted to the message of restoring the value of life to the broken and the hopeless and was birthed out of a deep love for Christ and His word as well as a commitment to those who have never heard the Gospel.

Jon’s creed is “Let us walk with Biblical truths of God’s penned and Spirit filled words to renew the whole person (spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially) bringing about a Biblical Worldview which is the catalyst in not only transforming individuals, and families, but leaders in their communities.”

This describes the call of God on Jon’s life as well as his heart’s desire to see lives transformed by the love of God and given a hope they have never known.

Jon looks to accomplish this through BridgeStones International by bringing hope & healing globally through addressing issues of social injustice while empowering and training leaders.

Using the experiences of his own life, Jon has been able to identify with many of the children and people that he has ministered to during his travels to third world countries.  That is why he is so deeply loved and respected across the globe.  He is fulfilling his life mission as an Ambassador to the Needy.”

Jon’s heart cry is:

“I read and I forgot, I saw and I remembered, and I went and I was changed…thus so were others, while doing to others as I would want (wish, dream) for them to do for me.”

Joel & Carol Silberman, Ph.D

Senior Pastors, Regeneration Church, Bethpage NY


“What an unbelievable journey it has been! 26 years and 50+ nations! Gina, our family and I have been privileged and blessed to witness how the Lord has worked in your life and through your life since you answered His call “to go” so many years ago, and then faithfully followed that call, “in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)  We are so thankful that you have continued to plant the seeds of the Gospel in so many countries in your life’s pursuit to restore value to life.  What more could anyone do but to love the least of these in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  And this you have done so faithfully.  We are grateful to the Lord for bringing you into our lives; you have blessed us tremendously and challenged us immensely to lay it all down for Him.  May the Lord bless you as you have blessed so many others.”

On Jesus,

Larry Raab

Director of Long Island Ministry

Long Island Youth Mentoring


“What a privilege to honor you on such a special occasion. Such a great idea to glorify the Lord in all He’s done in and through you. There are so many memories I have of you that show the goodness of the Lord, but I’ll only name a few. The first is the young adult Jonny. We met you in 1990 when you were leading the youth group at Christ Church. They all loved you and we were amazed at your enthusiasm for the kids and your passion for the Lord. We were just hearing the Gospel for the first time and seeing such a young man serve the Lord so faithfully was incredible. Soon after that, off you went to Mercy Ships. Again, we were amazed at the ministry of pantomime and the stories you shared of successful surgeries, including your own! Fast forward several years and we had the honor of attending your ordination. What a beautiful day that was! And then as a visiting pastor to Christ Church, you gave a message I will always remember. The gospel summed up in 4 words….”Love God, Love Neighbor”. I’ve shared that message many times.  Now, many years later, we’ve had the blessing of hearing of so many mission trips, so many ministries growing, your beautiful wife, your beautiful children, and the constant passion to serve the Lord and grow His mighty Kingdom. It continues to be a privilege and a blessing to know you Jonny. May the Lord bless all that you’ve done and may He bless you and your precious family as you and Seena raise your children to be 21st century world-changers for Christ.”

Gina Raab

Friend, Supporter


“This is an endorsement of Jon syrbe. We had the privilege of holding a leadership conference in Ghana for pastors in West Africa with Jon Syrbe. I can still remember the life changing teachings he gave us about leadership and Jesus’ style in leadership. His humility was amazing and touched a lot of lives in Ghana. Many pastors still ask about when Jon will come back to Africa again.”

Stephen Sawiri, Pastor

Maranantha Gospel Ministries, Ghana West Africa


“I met Jon Syrbe in 1999 when I went on a missionary trip to Africa on the Mercy Ships, he was one of the leaders of the Discipleship Training School.  He shared with me his vision to reach the broken-hearted with love and compassion.  I was moved by his passion for souls and determination to the calling God has placed in his heart.  And now, fourteen years later, I see the fruits of a small seed I, to God’s glory help plant-which was good ground.

Jonny you are a blessing and an inspiration to many, thank you for seeing the best in people and for never giving-up, all the best to you and your beautiful family.”

Your friend and sister in Christ

Lourdes Gavilanes

Committed Sponsor


“I have known Jon for several years professionally and have always been impressed by his sincerity and vision to be a servant to those in need. He has taken his gift of photography and used it to give back to his community and the world around us – which is quite a feat considering that just running a business is a time consuming job! Jon does not seem to give up easily, and puts the needs of others before his own, which is an inspiration and great example for any of us looking to make a difference in the world.”

Kevin Kubota

Photographer, Author, and Professional Educator



Where There Is No Leader, TAG-You’re It -Jon Syrbe


“Discovering an author who can convey their experiences and make them ours is like finding a needle in a haystack. Where There Is No Leader – Tag! You’re It! is such a tour de force, which was uncovered in a New York haystack. While maintaining his whimsical sense of style, Jon Syrbe paints a written picture of human behavior worldwide and touches on relevant topics where each of us can improve our interpersonal relations. He calls us to live higher and not settle for mediocrity no matter what our line of work. Working on this book taught me about character, integrity, servant hood, the requirements for quality leadership, and the discernment to know if situations and people are right for my life. I have no doubt that this personal memorandum will be a huge success.”

Elizabeth M. DeLuna
Powerful Publishing, LLC

“Jon has done a superb job of building a manual that puts theory and theology to work. “Where There Is No Leader” is a handbook of how to apply true Christianity in the real challenges of spreading the gospel and making disciples. Through lived out experiences of working in the mission field at home and around the world, Jon presents biblical principles and procedures in a simple, honest, gut level, rubber-meets-the-road approach. This book is a must read for any pastor, ministry leader, discipleship group, Bible student, missions team or missionary that is working to reach the world with the gospel. It is a tool that will help a serious Christian become more effective in understanding the mission of Jesus, team building, working out conflicts that derail vision and progress, and effect change that lasts in the lives of the people we’ve been given to reach.”

Pastor Dennis Bambino
Christian Family Fellowship International, NY, USA

“Jon has led a number of successful outreach teams to some very unique parts of the world. He speaks from experience and emphasizes the practical. I believe you will find it very helpful….”

Stephan Bauman CEO/President
World Relief International

“Where There Is No Leader, TAG – You’re It! is a very practical, helpful and easy to read book on leadership, especially for short-term outreach leadership. It is full of real life illustrations and gives hope to the potential and practicing leader to ‘go for it’.

Elisabeth Cochrane
YWAM South and Central Asia

“Jon Syrbe is the living, breathing representation of II Corinthians 5:17—“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation…” Jon is taking the living Jesus all over the world to connect with people who have never seen a real Christian or heard the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. This book contains the real life lessons learned through suffering and joy in the farthest corners of this world. Jon keeps it simple and clear so everyone can know and love Jesus. Enjoy each lesson and experience. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself more growing more deeply committed to the God Jon trusts with his whole life.”

Jack Crabtree
Teaching Pastor
Shelter Rock Church, NY, USA

“Practical, engaging and full of guidance for life in the trenches. This book addresses with clarity and simplicity the heart issues of leadership. One need not have an identical theological perspective to benefit from this book. Its principles are ones that have been embraced and successfully applied by its author – a humble servant who is passionate to glorify his Savior.”

Eric Dennie, M.A., LMHC, NCC
Mental Health Counselor in Florida, USA

“Missionary, Teacher, Preacher, Friend of outcasts. Champion for the marginalized, Hero to thousands of children in developing nations, Servant of the poor…” These are the phrases we hear from Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, India, China…

Jon Syrbe heard the call of God on his life at age 19 and later enrolled in Christ for the Nations Bible School. Within months he was in Latin America and a few years later on the West Coast of Africa aboard the YWAM Mercy Ship M/V Anastasis. For the last 13 years Jon has traveled the world as a full time Missionary.

He has written a book not only for leaders of Mission Teams but for every believer with a heart for evangelism. His stories are real and from the heart. His photographs capture the urgent, crying needs of the two-thirds world. His experience is real.

As Jeremiah speaks of the fire of God burning within, Jon’s heart for Missions ignites the passion for reaching the lost with the great news of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Randy Paige
Christ Church United Methodist, NY, USA

“Jon Syrbe has compiled a very useful handbook for inexperienced leaders who find themselves in non-formal settings. The material is humorously presented, designed to be practical rather than theory, and easily read. It will be an asset to many involved in short-term outreach. Every short-term local church mission’s team should have at least one copy.”
Don Stephens
Mercy Ships

“I remember Jon as an impassioned Bible School student. He was like all young Christians who are in touch with God, but wanting to make their lives count. Jon responded when I spoke on the Call to the Nations. His enthusiasm and desire to make a difference was obvious, so I invited him to join one of our mission teams to Mexico. The rest is history, as Jon discovered the joy of obedience to the “Great Commission”! Jon caught a mission vision and was off and running from then on. He hasn’t stopped…for more than 25 years! The world has been his congregation, and the lost have been reached thru his travels. I totally endorse this book and see it empowering a new generation of young leaders. We need them…”

Rev. Colin Fullilove
People For Missions