BSi Team off to India

March 11-20, 2016


We are thankful for the team that has gathered for this! We have businessmen, computer engineers/trainers, wellness/counselors, medical, mechanics, farmers, masons, librarian, videographer, photographer, and some the of the most fantastic mini ‘bringers of life’!

Thus far, we have raised more than $20,000 towards further construction of our Kings Kids School and Home! In addition to the 25-30 luggages of donated supplies/materials: medical tools, tents, 10+ laptops, 10+ mobile phones (most iPhone), gas-powered cutting saw to children’s activity/fun/edu materials, clothing, books, and much much more!

Thank you team, and donors!

(well, we’ve had a buffalo donated…but he doesn’t fit in the luggage lol…so we will pick him up in India!)

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